General Products Questions

Our mouldings are light weight and dimensionally stable, durable and doesn't get rot.

No, our mouldings only come in greenish cement colour.

We recommend that you use water based Stucco & Masonry paint to colour the mouldings after installation.

Ordering Questions

You can simply call, email, fax us or you can place an order using our online shopping cart in our products page .

We can ship to anywhere in the world.

Please give us a call or use our online shopping cart to get an estimate.

It depends on the shipping location and order quantity. Rule of thumb, we can produce custom mouldings in 4 business days. Usually our catalog items are in stock.

It depends on the shipping distance and the quantity.

Usually you will not pay any sales taxes because of NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement) . For further info please get in touch with local government agency.

Installation Questions

For best results we recommend high quality stucco and masonry paint or apply stucco coat on top of the mouldings.

Standard size is 8ft(2.54m). We can produce up to 12ft length. Please keep in your in mind more than the standard size might create shipping problems.

Yes you can. You can use stucco spray finish.  Even if the shape of the moulding allows you can use trowel apply finish coat.

The best adhesive stucco base coat or you can use construction glues(like PL premium available Home Depot etc.) Please make use the glue is foam friendly.

There are so many "stucco moulding installation" videos available in YouTube.

Yes. As long as the surface is clean and leveled.

Misc. Questions

Yes you may order custom mouldings. Please contacts us with your custom design and detailed measurements.

You can pick up samples(6inch) free of charge from our shop or we can mail it to you with shipping cost, which is about $45 CAD in North America.

Yes. You can pick up catalog free of charge from our shop or we can mail it to you with shipping cost, which is about $25 CAD in North America.

Yes we do. It is open to public.

Yes. We do take back our catalog mouldings free of hassle before 30 days. We do not take back custom mouldings.

We accept Debit, Visa, Master Card, Amex, cash and wired transfers.